Tapani Hyypiä

For Tapani Hyypia, life appears in color. Through certain color combinations, he is able to recall and return to a particular moment, scene, experience, or event in his life. His paintings are like secret diary entries that appear to us as through the basic elements of painting, light and color, and form our own emotional experience. Tapani Hyypiä paints in many thin translucent layers, creating a deep and intense feeling to the colors of the painting. As he paints, he contemplates on how little is enough to bring about a change in the intensity of the painting.

Tapani Hyypiä (b.1955 Helsinki) lives and works in Helsinki. Hyypiä has studied at the Free Art School: drawing 1974-75 and painting 1996-2000, and also short studies at the University of Helsinki. His first solo exhibition was held in Helsinki in 2002 and since then he has held many solo exhibitions and regularly participated in group exhibitions. His works are included in collections of art museums, for example, Amos Rex and Pori Art Museum.